Highland Park's First BYOB Restaurant Features a Local, Sustainable, Organic and Affordable Menu

Keeping with the times, your host, longtime North Shore restauranteur Bobby Dubin, proudly brings to you a revolutionary dining concept wrapped in a cozy setting, right here on Second Street in Downtown Highland Park!
Meeting demands for food that balances appetite, environment and budget, Bobby delivers farm-to-table dining, skillfully prepared by the talented Chef Michael Gottlieb, packaged in an affordable menu with a BYOB option that has people enjoying the very finest while saving at the same time.

Why local?

In today's difficult times, it's especially important to support our neighbor's businesses.  Our entire community revolves around them.  So if its produce from nearby farms, meat from a local butcher, or printing the menu down the street, we do our very best to support local businesses!

Why seasonal, organic and sustainable?

With growing concerns about the environment and the ingredients in our food, people are demanding organic products and those made with minimal environmental impact.  Each season brings a bounty of exciting ingredients to choose from and our menu is based upon handpicking the very best each season has to offer. 


Be it a local craft beer, your favorite cabernet or a relaxing martini, we believe you should be able to choose what you want to drink without paying the skyhigh mark-ups of restaurant pricing.  You don't have to run up a huge tab to have drinks with dinner, or stay home to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine.  At 2nd Street Bistro, you pick your drinks, we will make your dinner!

We are proud to welcome you to 2nd Street Bistro.  Come be a part of the local, sustainable and organic wave sweeping the nation.  Be a part of supporting your communnity, which we in turn support.  Relax and enjoy the finest drinks that you choose, free of charge, and have them with the very finest food the North Shore has to offer! 

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